The CEO of Keta sunset beach soccer club Mr. Reuben Dzidodo Adzaho hinted that beach soccer is not dead in Ghana in any way.

The CEO of Keta sunset sports Mr Reuben Dzidodo Adzaho has revealed in an exclusive interview with Fafaa Fm's Wisdom Dovlo on Thursday that beach soccer is not dead in the country instead they are working hard to revived it. Generally football has suffered in Ghana and beach soccer is directly under CAF and FIFA so if there is anything relating to beach soccer then we should be talking about football in general. In their perspective GBSA has being working so hard recently and he understands that there will be super cup which is already known to the public and also there are on going events around beach soccer in the country.

He further said that he might not said beach soccer is bead just because beach soccer had some setbacks especially about sponsorship, support, Administration and also the management of the sports which the country has suffered from in that angle so he thinks that we needs to look at these things and makes the necessary corrections.

"We want to make Keta beach soccer a hub in Ghana and it already a beach soccer hub in Ghana but they want to put it at certain level so that people get to see it and say this is Keta, this is beach soccer and already we are identify as a beach soccer tourism in the Country".

He also added that in the next few years to come they are looking at bringing in the Africa championship to Keta because they have Golden sun beach, hotels and also a very beautiful environment so they will be able to brings Africa championship to Keta.

"Recently they have identify even a place to put up a permanent Arena in Keta for beach soccer but you know that you are not allowed to put up a permanent Arena at the beach but they will be discussing it with the government officials and hopping you might be seeing the best Arena in Africa in Keta and also they had a land dedicated to beach soccer now in Keta so they are going to put up a structure which will be quite outstanding".

Mr. Reuben Dzidodo Adzaho concluded by saying that the stage is set in promoting beach soccer in the Country but is going to be gradually not boom at once because they needs a lot of supports to do all these things and also they hope that the people of Keta would understand that this is Keta, the home of beach soccer so lets support it and grow it and they will be able to get to where they are looking forward to be.

* Wonder Gadufia Segbe*