BY: Godwin Ako Gunn

I trembled, shocked and engulfed with fear, indeed, my heart kept panting as l watched the video of a military officer spewing out his frustration on a decision by parliament in conjunction with the executive to throw $200 million to the dogs .

I don't understand why he wanted to exonerate the president. Anyway it's a subject for another day .

Let me admit that this army officer was wrong with what he did. He has chosen a profession that must protect all of us and should not be seen engage in politics. I am sure he knows it too, but what will push a young man to show his face and speak angrily to the nation about the imbecility of some of our law makers.

There is a dangerous time in a man's life when he will say "IF I PERISH I PERISH" !!! Many are getting to that point under Nana Addo

I have never lived in the barracks before, or have any links with military officials, but I can see tension when it is brewing, and I can tell the frustration of an army officer when I see one.

Let us keep praying for Ghana; and at the end of the video, I observed that he was not alone !!!

But sincerely I am not suprised with what is happening in this country. Many Ghanians feel the same way. Frustrated, disappointed and what have you.

When the NPP, in just a little below 3 years, were begging kayayie for GHC1 for campaign but are today celebrating birthdays on aeroplanes . When people renovate a 3 bedroom house with 9 air conditioners as if they prefer a mortuary to a living room, and still got the guts to tell us it is not enough .

I am not listing these things because I am NDC, If I compare NDC and NPP in power, I see modesty, respect for the Ghanian and willingness to serve on the part of the NDC.

I am told this officer has been locked up (alledgedly). I love the speed with which it happened.

In this same country, a few years back, military officers were seen with kalypo in hand dancing to NANA Y3 WINNER, a tolerant NDC ignored and stayed focused.

Today, Ernesto Yeboah shouts, #"DROP THAT CHAMBER" and he was treated like a wild Burkina goat attempting an escape.

There is something that may boomerang in our faces when politicians think they are more sensible than any other person in Ghana, a typical example is the outburst of Kade MP who thought he is above the law to have ordered his driver to violate road regulation; and he had the effontry to suggest that breaking the law is alright because he is going to carry out a national assignment.

I hope the wise men in parliament are watching the frustration and venom being thrown at them.

Thank God it is happening this way. It simply suggest that Ghana is still a religious nation.

Let us protect this, else a time shall befall us where some of you will be chased on the streets of Ghana.

The NPP are paying for some of the things they did prior to the 2016 elections. The meetings that were happening in some barracks etc and the promises that you were given has emboldened some of them to openly dare you.

It wasn't for nothing that the NPP went to court to demand counting of the special votes before the main elections. The special votes included the police, military, prisons, customs etc.

They had been promised total support !!!, now they feel let down and disappointed.

It has been proven over the years that the devil you know is better than the angel you dont know

Some of you break laws and tell us in the face that " I am breaking the law in the interest of the state " the impudence !!!
Let the doctors break the law because they are going to save lives
Let the teachers break the law because kids are in school
Let the nurses break the law because they must be there before the doctor comes
Let the Pastors break the law because there is a prophecy or word he needs to deliver . Law makers indeed !!!

Did I hear KT Hammond saying parliamentarians can not sit under trees?. Wow , I never knew the building they are occupying now which was renovated some few years ago is a tree with swivel chairs, microphone and an air conditioner units installed.

Many Ghanians including your constituents will be privileged living under that tree. You have palm oil so you are free to prepare mashed yam to pacify your soul. When you carried the drill ship on your head and walked pam pam pam to sell it, you should have used the proceeds to transform that tree. ANOKWA Ghana is really in a mess !!!


I feel sad for this nation, but I know there are better days ahead .

Kun fa Yakun