Grammy Award winning Ghanaian Afro beats star, Fuse ODG lashed out at the organizers of the Black Entertainment Television, (BET) awards over the treated meted out to African musicians over the years.

According to the UK based artiste, the BET is not real and does not have any respect for Africans and African music adding that they do not add any value to the Ghanaian economy hence should not be accorded much regard.

Speaking in a recent interview, Fuse said the BET awards should not be the measurement of the success of Ghanaian Music.

Born Nana Richard Abiona, Fuse stated; “BET is not here and they don’t understand what goes on here in Ghana, they are not real, they don’t respect Africa in the first place. They are not here helping us build schools, they are not here helping us build our economy. The only time they are jumping at Africa is because of the Black Panther movie, Ghana has influenced African music worldwide and BET is not going to be the measurement as to how influential Ghanaian music is,” he fumed.

On Ghana’s inability to receive a nomination in this year’s edition of the BET awards, the 'Antenna' hitmaker said the BET should be the measurement of success.

The 29 year old leader of This Is New Africa added; “I don’t think BET should be the measurement of success or how great our music is. Some of the greatest Musicians never received an award, Bob Marley is one of the greatest musicians but he never received an award. I think we need to stop praising these platforms and start building our own platforms and reward our artists.

Fuse added that Ghana has great talents that need to be appreciated and not based on what someone out there thinks of Ghanaian Musicians.