Bill Gates, the founder of Micresoft, has revealed that he fears the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity insisting that he could be used by a 'bad guy' to cause havoc on the world.

The co-founder of Microsoft emphasizes that this technology is essential in changing our lives, but he is horrified by the idea that a "bad guy" could acquire it.

"We're all afraid that a bad guy can do his thing," Gates said in an interview with "ABC News."

But on the other hand, Gates is not in favour of stopping the development of technologies similar to ChatGPT.

"If the good people are told to stop, while the bad guys continue to work, we're just doing ourselves a disservice," explained Bill Gates, who underlined that as much as he marvels at the things he does, artificial intelligence as he wonders at the limits that there is.

However, according to Bill Gates, the pros of artificial intelligence outweigh the cons.