Ghanaian boxer, Braimah Kamoko, popularly known as Bukom Banku, has in his latest video heaped curses on Ghanaians who he claims continue to make negative comments about him.

The boxer made headlines early this year after bleaching his skin and reiterating his support for President Mahama while dancing to his campaign song.

He later went missing from the limelight but has now emerged in a recent video on Facebook where he is seen praying fervently against his “enemies.”

Praying in almost three different languages, the controversial boxer said: “Any satan, any devil that is attacking my life, any satan timing me, any dwarf, any witchcraft that wants to kill me in this country, fire burn them for me. Father you know me that my mind is free, that my mouth is free, and my heart is free and my stomach is vacant. Oh my God I call you now, I command you to come and stand for me, cover me all the time that people are talking about my thing; all the time that people are talking about me, holy Jesus Christ help me by the Grace of God.”

Watch the video below for more: