The FIFA/CAF COVID-19 funds has created a lot of uproar within the local football fraternity as clubs have been up in arms with the GFA about the meager amounts allocated to them.

Many club owners have lamented how certain bodies like GHALCA, PFAG, SESSA ,RFA and even the national teams have been allocated monies when the funds were meant to mitigate the harsh final conditions during the pandemic.

Various national teams were allocated over a staggering $300,000 while all 18 Ghana Premier league clubs will share about $260,000.

Clubs are smiting that many bodies who do no deserve any allocation have been handed large sums of monies to the detriment of the clubs.

Many club owners have questioned why any of the national teams will be allocated any monies when they are fully funded by the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The GFA's scribe has justified why all national teams and other bodies like GHALCA, SESSA, RFA deserve a share of the CAF/FIFA kitty.

However the Ministry of Youth and Sports have denied claims from the GFA that they cater for some aspects of cost by the various national teams.

The Sports Ministry has made it abundantly clear that they foot bills for everything national team even if the FA pre finances it they are reimbursed

Spokesperson to the country's Sports Minister, Kofi Asare Brako says the claim by the GFA is untrue.

"The Ministry of Youth and Sports takes care of all national teams. Every single cost is borne by the ministry,"Brako said

"However, if its the intention of the FA to take some burden off the ministry, we will welcome it.

"But it stands now, the MOYS takes care of all bills of the national team. The FA is always reimbursed by the ministry. Even toilet rolls are paid by the ministry."

The revelation has set the GFA and the Sports Ministry on a collision course as the former has been exposed by the latter.

Many club owners from the Premier League,Division One league have quizzed why the national teams must benefit from the COVID-19 relief fund when they have not been affected by any pandemic.

The Ghana Football Association will on Wednesday hold a virtual meeting with all eighteen Ghana Premier League clubs about the CAF/FIFA COVID-19 relief funds.