The Ghana National Association of Teachers, (GNAT), is demanding an apology from veteran educationist,Professor Stephen Adei, for describing them as “pure criminals.”

Describing the comment as unfortunate, the group called on Prof. Adei to render an apology to them or incur their wrath.

In an earlier interview, Prof Adei said Ghanaian teachers in public basic schools are “pure criminals” because "they do not teach” yet take their salaries and send their children to private schools.

“Eighty per cent of Ghanaian children attend public basic schools, and if you go there, many of the teachers are pure criminals. They don’t teach, and the worst still is that: people who have been trained as teachers, and they are paid more than GHS1,000 a month to teach in the public schools, send their children to private basic schools where the teachers are secondary school failures". he stated

In reaction, the Central Regional Chairman of GNAT, Dr Isaac Owusu, who spoke in an interview on Ahomka FM, expressed disappointment over the comment.

He said: "I’ve also heard what our senior comrade, Prof Stephen Adei has said about the teachers in this country, and, in fact, this is not the first time he's spoken. He's our elder and a very respectable man, so, we sometimes don't want to be treating him like we do to others...

“It is, indeed, an insult. Yes, indeed, like in every institution or profession, you may find one or two teachers among us who may be doing what is not expected, but that doesn't mean you should generalise it that all teachers are criminals.

“It is very unfortunate, so, we, the GNAT members in the region, are calling on him to apologise to all teachers before he incurs our wrath".