Cement dealers in the country have welcomed the ban on cement importation which takes effect Friday, August 5, 2016.

The dealers say the ban will ensure the rapid growth of locally made cement on the Ghanaian market.Parliament earlier accepted and passed a bill presented by the Trade Ministry which sought to ban the importation of cements on the markets.

The regulation also follows the numerous agitations by some industry players of undue competition from imported cement from China.

Earlier some economists expressed their disagreement at the decision arguing that the local companies should rather be allowed to compete with other companies across the globe to enhance their production levels.

But commenting on the issue to Citi Business News, the Media Relations Manager at Dangote Cement, Etornam Komla Buami insists the move will halt the import of inferior cement unto the Ghanaian markets.

“There is restriction on the importation of cheap cement into the country. For long, we have also expressed similar views that if cement is being brought into the country and it is not good for the infrastructural development of the country, we must not allow them in.

So basically we welcome the move that cheap imports of such goods will be restricted. We support the cause that inferior goods should not be entertained in the country.”

Responding to concerns of possible price hikes due to the inability of local producers to produce to meet possible increases in demands, Etornam Komla Buami replied in the affirmative citing the capacity of local producers to meet instances of increased demands.

“The local producers have the capacity to supply as much as Ghanaians require in the country.”

The ban on importation of cement also comes at a time where Chinese manufacturers have demonstrated their readiness to relocate to Ghana to gain access to raw materials for the production of the product.

Meanwhile Dangote Cement has also advanced plans to commence manufacturing of cement in Ghana.

source: citibusinessnews.com/Ghana