Ghanaians should change their attitudes if they intend to see real change in their lives and the fortunes of the country, the lead pastor of Lifeline Assemblies of God, Rev. Jacob Botchway, has urged.

He said in spite of the fact that most Ghanaians had voted for a change in government on December 7, this year, there was the need for the  citizens to realise that change must start from them.

Rev. Botchway was delivering a sermon in the church last Sunday to mark Christmas Day, a religious festival celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.

Positive Attitude

“Beloved in the Lord, the election on December 7, 2016, showed that many voted for change. However, the honest truth is that the change can only happen by all of us having changed our attitudes, Rev. Botchway declared.

He explained that the corruption, greed, the lazy attitude to work, the I-don’t-care attitude, the pilfering in our offices, the lack of maintenance of government property, the nepotism, our tribalistic attitudes, and the ‘Ghana Time’ mentality ought to change.

‘’These are attitudes that we have to change because if we have called for change and we don’t eschew these negatives in our lives, the change can never happen,” he said.

Rev. Botchway said the time had come for individuals and organisations to increase productivity by improving upon what had been done already, adding that it was only possible to do that if the public eschewed negative attitudes towards work.

“In Ghana, our attitude to work and time is very poor. We cannot develop economically, socially or politically if we continue to report late to work. We must change before we get into the New Year”.

“The President-elect, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, can do all his best to bring the change he promised but if individuals are not proactive and have positive attitude, we cannot see the change we want,” he said.


Speaking on the theme“Significance of Christmas,” he said  the birth of Christ had given individuals new hope, adding that as we enter the New Year, there was hope for the country and things would definitely be well as a country.

Rev. Botchway said the birth of Christ carried a message of reconciliation and  advised political leaders and individuals to put their differences aside and put Ghana first.

“Politics is not meant to divide us but to strengthen democracy,” he said.

He again urged the youth to walk in the path of Christ and desist from all the evil ways which did not  bring glory to the country.