A motivational speaker, Rev. Dr Nana Yaa Owusu-Prempeh, has admonished the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Ghana (EC) to be fair and firm in her decisions.

She says for the sake of children and women, Charlotte Osei must ensure that her decisions do not create disaffection among the populace.

Rev. Dr. Owusu-Prempeh, who is the Founder and President of Women in Leadership International, made these remarks on Tuesday, October 18 on 3FM’s Sunrise. “I am pleading with her with all respect,” she said, “Ghana is the only place we have.”

She said she has been a witness to victims of war and conflict in other African countries and would not wish same for Ghana. “I know what one statement can do. “I expect her to be fair and firm at least for the children and women of this country.”

She said Ghana is considered an oasis in a region plagued with electoral conflict. “People are coming here for their own peace and security.” She therefore admonished the Chair of the Commission to “take a critical look at situations not allowing her mind, conscience to be infiltrated by money”.

The country will go to the polls on December 7, 2016 in its seventh successive elections. Pundits have rated the stakes as high.

Already, the disqualification of 13 presidential aspirants by the Commission has triggered legal suits with concerns being raised over their effect on the confidence in the Commission. Others have, however, commended the Commission for the strict proof it has subjected the nomination forms to this time around.