The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) has expressed disquiet about what it calls unprofessional infiltrating the profession.

This according to the body is not only affecting standards adversely but the image of the sector.

Speaking with Joy Business at the just-ended Pan-African CIPS Supply Chain Industrialization Summit in Accra, Chairman of the Strategic Board, CIPS Africa Prof Douglas Boateng said the aspect of the Procurement law that governs the appointment of members to the board should be reviewed.

"Procurement professionals need to come to the party to assist government. It was so evident within the new act and framework which had a lot of loopholes that need to be plugged so that Ghana can really move forward as a country through procurement," he said.

He told Joy Business that, CIPS needs to define who a qualified person is because what we currently have is too vague.

"Secondly, the Board and who appoints certain people to the Board needs to be looked at because from a governance perspective it is too vague," he said.

Prof Boateng said there should be an incorporation of things that would be driven by a developmental perspective and not a cost one.

Source: GhanaWeb