How to Protect Kids During Winter

Is it winter already? The children will come out to play but first, they should be safe. Here’s what you can do for them.

Everyone should keep safe during winter, but children need guidance during this time more than their adult companions. Allow them to enjoy this season and experience the thrill of cold weather, but be wary. Make sure you keep them safe and watch out for them when they go outside. Here's how to protect children from cold weather:


Clothing Items

Children should wear the right pieces of clothing to avoid frostbite. According to Save the Children, you should put more layers of clothing on children since they feel cold faster than adults. They must also wear bonnets on their heads and thick gloves and scarves for their hands and necks.

Moreover, there are clothing hazards in children. They're prone to strangling so always buy their winter clothing with caution.Buy an Obermeyer kids jacket for themif you want to make sure they're comfortable this season.

Closed Roads

Encourage children to play in the playground or somewhere safe nearby. A closed road is not ideal for their activities. There may not be vehicles passing by but you'll never know since the road is slippery during winter. If possible, let them play at the backyard only.

Sun Protection

The sun still comes up during winter, so all the members of the family should wear sunscreen. Protect your children's skin by applying sunscreen on all their exposed body parts. Make it a requirement before going out.


Fire Risks

There are a lot of festivities in winter. One of these includes fire, whether you're using a fireplace or making bonfires. Keep the fire unreachable to children if they're still small. Put some barriers between them and the fire or guard them closely.


Activities in Winter

Healthy Children recommends time limits when it comes to winter activities. Set a time for play and time to go inside to warm up. Let them play skating or other games only in approved locations. Remind them to empty their mouths from gums or candies when playing. Additionally, they should wear helmets and other protective gear.


Health Tips

Use a cold-air humidifier at home to prevent nosebleeds from happening. You can also put saline nose drops into your child's noses so it stays moist. They should drink a lot of water since they can lose more when they breathe. They may not like to drink water in cold weather so try giving them warm water or clear broth instead.

Frostbite and hypothermia are the common health conditions in winter. If frostbite happens, you should use warm water. The signs you should watch out for are gray or pale skin. There are also blisters on the skin when frostbite happens. For hypothermia, you should watch out for shivering and "unusual clumsiness." They also have slurred speech when suffering from this condition.

Winter should be an exciting season for children. They can do lots of activities in this season like playing with snow. They can be safe as long as their guardians are keen on protecting them. Keep your children happy by letting them go outside while still being safe.