Some thugs claiming to be working for the Nungua Traditional Council, have been raiding schools at Sakumono Village, also known as Old Sakumono, according to the Assembly Man for the area.

The Assembly Man, Richmond Sorgbordjor, said the thugs stormed some schools forcing pupils to go home, following a ban by the Nungua Traditional Council for the burial rites for the High Priest of the Ga-Dangme state, Wor-lomor Borketey Larweh-Tsuru I.

Commercial activities are at a halt in Nungua, Spintex Road, and nearby communities, following the ban, as the streets have been deserted for the traditional rights since Thursday evening.

The traditional authorities further directed all commercial activities to remain closed on Friday, contrary to a directive from the Police.

Mr. Sorgbordjor, however, insists his area is not under the jurisdiction of the Nungua Traditional Council.

“The chiefs and elders of Sakumono are not aware that there is a ban and they are burying the late chief and they say Sakumono belongs to Wor-lomor. Since we were born, we have never seen that before, but today the came around closing all the schools and asking the school children to go home.

“Could you believe they were collecting money from the children too? They closed the schools, closed stores and seized some of their foodstuffs and sent all to Nungua,” he complained.

The Member of Parliament for the Tema West, Carlos Ahenkora, and the police have intervened, but Mr. Sorgbordjor said both were unaware if the ban extended to his area.

The police even said they did not have a means of transport to attend to the situation.

“We spoke to the police and even called the Tema West MP saying this is what is going on, but he said he is not aware. I called the Sakumono police commander and he said he too was not aware, but he was complaining that police did not have a car to come to the field.”

“We respect all the chiefs, but appropriate action should be taken. The government should intervene.”