Apple's latest launch of MacBook Pro laptops has failed to achieve recommended ratings from Consumer Reports for the first time in the product's history.

A substandard battery life performance was the key reason for the U.S. tech giant to miss out on a recommendation from the publication after extensive testing on three of Apple's new MacBook Pro models.

Apple says its latest MacBook Pro laptops' battery life should operate for up to 10 hours - yet Consumer Reports discovered the three models tested would range from less than four hours to more than 19 hours.

"A laptop's battery life may vary from one trial to another by less than 5 percent," Jerry Beilinson, reviewer at Consumer Reports, said in a blog post published Thursday.

"However, the widely disparate figures we found in the MacBook Pro tests, an average wouldn't reflect anything a consumer would be likely to experience in the real world."

"Battery life is an important attribute for a laptop, and it represents a significant portion of our overall score... After factoring together our complete test results, Consumer Reports finds that all three MacBook Pro laptops fail to meet our standards for recommended models," he added.