Founder and leader of the Progressive Peoples Party, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom must step aside and as a matter of fact forsake any thoughts of pursuing his presidential ambition in the upcoming 2020 polls, this is according to presidential hopeful, Jacob Osei Yeboah.

According to him, it will be prudent that Mr. Nduom protects his family and himself from any possible attacks that may arise from aggrieved customers of his defunct bank and his savings and loans organisations.

He believes anyone can make a move and harm him during his campaign trails if he attempts it.

“I will advise Papa Kwasi Nduom to step aside and immediately rescind his decision if he has the intention. The aggrieved customers will launch an attack on him if he attempts to mount the podium to campaign; he will be pelted with stones.

“The customers are bitter and won’t forgive him if they get hold of him… Some of the aggrieved customers have died and others have contracted stroke. I don’t think he will even risk his life,” Mr. Osei Yeboah stated.

Mr Osei Yeboah has, however, declared his intention to join the presidential race for the third time, with the slogan “Your vote is your wisdom."

He has urged the electorate to make him their preferred choice for the presidency if the country is to see a turnaround in its fortunes.

“The contest will be among myself, President Nana Addo and John Mahama. Don’t vote for Nana Addo or Mahama and come complaining there is no alternative,” he said.