Marriage counsellor Charlotte Oduro has disclosed the reason why most women with higher education background are always single.

According to the counsellor, most of these females who are graduates and PhD holders can’t find suitors because they are not humble enough.

She indicated in an interview with Abeiku Santana that such women at times resort to black magic, Juju to snatch other people’s husbands from them because at their prime they were rejecting all the suitors that came their way.

According to Charlotte Oduro, these women in a bid to cover up their shame turn to pretend in public as if it is well with them but deep down in them, they weep inside because they do not have any man that will love and care for them.

Counsellor Oduro, therefore, advised women in relationship to hold their men very well with respect, humility and submissiveness else women with a higher educational background who are single may snatch their husbands.