The Central Regional Chairman of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mr Yaw Asamoah, will on December 7, battle it out with other candidates for the Upper Denkyira East Constituency seat.

This will be his second time he is contesting the constituency seat on the ticket of the CPP after placing second in his first attempt in the 2008 general election.

In the 2008 elections, Mr Asamoah lost to the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP), Nana Amoako, who won with a total votes of 17,416 constituting 59.1 per cent.

Mr Asamoah placed second with a total vote of 5,994 representing 20.36 per cent.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic, he said he decided to contest this year’s election because the incumbent MP had done little to improve the wellbeing of the people in the constituency.

“I didn’t contest for the 2012 elections because I wanted to monitor how events would unfold but after watching how the Upper Denkyira East constituency is heading, I decided to come back and take the seat,” he said.

Asked why he was focusing his attention on the NPP candidate only, Mr Asamoah said although other candidates, including the National Democratic Congress (NDC) contender, Ms Emelia Ankomah, were eying the same seat, “the battle will be between the two”.

“Ms Ankomah has a slight advantage because her party is in government but I am well prepared to match all of them boot for boot,” he added.


Outlining some of the development problems in the constituency, Mr Asamoah mentioned the deplorable road network, poor sanitation and health conditions as some of the major issues he intended to address.

“Our constituency is one of the most deprived in the Central Region because little had been done to address them. Our roads are bad, education system is retrogressing, and our health problems are becoming bigger each day,” he said.

Touching on the road network, Mr Asamoah said he would not depend on the meagre common fund but use his personal contacts to solicit for funds to upgrade the road network.

“Relying on the common fund to address certain key economic problems will not yield any meaningful result,” he added.

On education, Mr Asamoah said he would make it attractive enough to enable more people to study, and added that “a quarter of his monthly salary would be devoted to support the deprived”.

“We need more libraries and more facilities to enhance the delivery of quality education,” he added.

Concerning healthcare delivery and sanitation, Mr Asamoah said he would lead a campaign to ensure that each household got toilet facilities to stop open defecation.

He, therefore, called on the people to rally behind the leadership of the CPP to enable the party to win the 2016 election.