The National Treasurer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mr. Samuel Gordon Etroo, is outraged at the discovery of a secret bank account being operated in the name of party at the GCB Bank, High Street Branch, in Accra.

In a letter addressed to the Manager of the Bank and seen by the Ghana News Agency (GNA), he demanded that, the bank furnished him with detailed information on the signatories to the account – the resolution and mandate used to open it.

This was necessary to enable him to initiate appropriate action.

“I am the national treasurer in charge of all financial matters of the Convention People’s Party and validate all matters of financial obligations relating to issues like this with respect to all bank accounts of the Convention People Party alongside procedural approval from the Central Committee of Convention People’s Party as stipulated by the party’s Constitution.”

The bank account, he said, was an illegality, violated the party’s constitution because he (the national treasurer) “is not a signatory” to it.

He added that, it did not go through the right procedure at the national level.

The CPP, according to him, has clearly defined procedure “on how and who validates, sanctions all financial obligations and matters in the name of the party.

He also made reference to the Political Parties Act, 2000, that deals with issues of political parties financial and assets declaration and requested for the bank’s full cooperation to stop anybody from carrying out any illegal financial transactions in the name of the CPP.

The bank should assist to save the party from breaking the law.