The deputy executive director for the Centre for democratic development (CDD-Ghana) Dr. Franklin Oduro has lauded the Electoral Commissions proposed decision to scale down the voting time from the traditional 5pm to 4pm.

He says the proposal is welcoming and requires stakeholder engagement.

The Electoral commission chairperson, Jean Mensah yesterday disclosed that the commission was considering  reviewing downwards the closing time for voting from 5pm to 4pm.

According Dr. Franklin Oduro this is a good idea which should be worth considering.

“If we are able to reduce the number per polling stations then I think that is something that is doable

“currently I think there is about an average 900-800 per polling station I’m aware that the electoral commission want to reduce that is why they are creating additional polling stations.”

“If they do and they reduce the voting time I believe it will be something commendable.”