Show me your friend and I will show you your character. This is a popular adage which literally means the people you surround yourself with can determine your character.

If President John Mahama is a friend of the incoming president, he will tell Nana these and many more.

The outgoing president John Mahama who came into power in January 2013 may concede the fact that he might have made unpardonable mistakes which may live with him for the rest of his days on earth.

He further explains this by accepting the fact that he surrounded himself with a calibre of people who did not influence him positively.

"If I get the chance to lead this great nation again, I would not associate with inexperienced and myopic intellectuals, I will heed to good counsel and flush out the dead goat syndrome" he had said.

The president who lost the just ended election gallantly leaves office with the humiliating tag as the first ever one term president in the history of this beloved nation.

Even though he tried his possible best to improve the standard of living of the people through infrastructural projects, his best per the results of the elections was not enough. On the other hand, juxtaposing his government to that of founder of the National Democratic Congress and ex-president Rawlings he agreed that Mr Rawlings used able and experienced men in his administration

"Whiles president Rawlings used people like Mr.Ibn Chambas as deputy minister I used John Oti Bless" he said during his concession speech.

This is an unsung piece of advice Mahama even if not clearly delivered seeks to give the incoming Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo for free.

Remember the choices you make today will reflect tomorrow 

The people you associate with are either a blessing or a lesson.

Be vigilant and scrutinize before you make any appointments. Let the people you choose bring integrity, respect and honor to your government.

All that glitters as it always said is not gold. Be humble, patient and listen to advice because running a country is no child's play.

Be assertive do not deliver hapharzardly.

Once again remember to deliver your promises which many have termed as the 'messiah' of this 'dead' economy.

Reminisce about the things you have been through, the road and how you managed to get to the top. We always remember and celebrate our heroes and heroines of this great nation because they have distinguished themselves.

The people who built this nation did not have it on a silver platter.

They had to go through the rains and pains to get this country going. Delegate your decision making authority to other governmental institutions to enable easy flow of information and decision making.

Eliminate red-tapeism, favouritism and nepotism which are the key factors of underdevelopment[they retard development].

Allow the principle of rule of law to function which will put most influential people on their toes.

Embrace constructive criticisms which come with its own benefits. Many developed countries see Africa from a different perspective and believe its leaders are myopic. Upon the exposure they still cannot make a difference. The good news is they see Ghana as the future and light of Africa because of the great legacy left behind by our first president Dr.Kwame Nkrumah.

Had I known is always at last. Fasten your seat belt as the economic wheel has been put in your safe hands.

The above plethora of points are some suggestions and cautions which President Mahama must make known to his successor if he has him at heart.

By Lennox Dexter Mensah