DJ Abrantee has shared his thoughts on the controversy surrounding the presentation of the ‘Best International Act: Africa’ category at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards.

The award is usually presented a day before the main awards night, and before a small crowd, usually hired.

Abrantee told Live FM‘s Jay Foley “lets just stop complaining, because the complaining is not going to help. We got to do it ourselves and we got to keep fighting and keep knocking down those doors, until we make it happen. People can sit and say the BET hasn’t put us on the main stage. Why do we have to sit and wait for the BET to do stuff when we can do it ourselves?”

The Capital Xtra DJ suggests that an African billionaire can sponsor the category so it gets more exposure than it currently does.

Someone’s got to step up and put their money where their mouth is, and basically say ‘alright cool, we all know its about money’, at the end of the day this is a sponsored event. If somebody steps up and sensors the African category and we want to pay and put it on the main stage and get main coverage, it will happen. All these African billionaires, one of them should just step up and put the money down there and lets make it happen. That’s the only way we are going to get through because people need to understand it’s numbers, it’s a numbers game after all. The African continent we are huge, i don’t see why we cant do it. The problem is unity I think. 

Nigerian musicians WizKid and Yemi Alade boycotted the presentation for what is believed to be the disregard for the category and African musicians by the organizers.

Source: livefm.com