It appears there is growing disinterest and mistrust among DKM customers who are yet to be paid their locked up cash by the Registrar General’s Department

The Registrar General’s Department which is the official Liquidator of DKM Microfinance is expected to today conclude final payment of the remaining DKM customers.

Citi Business News checks reveal that a total of 60,000 out of the 93,000 DKM customers have been settled so far.

Payment of the locked up cash which was supposed to be completed last year (2016) has been delayed on a number of occasions.

Some of the customers who spoke to Citi Business News said they would only take the development seriously when they are paid.

“We cannot actually believe what they are saying because they keep on telling us this same story day in and day out. Today we hear the list is out tomorrow we hear the same thing so now that we have received information that the list is out we just hope that it is true,” one of the expectant customers, Solomon Otchere said.

According to the Principal Company Inspector for the official liquidator for DKM Microfinance, Jones Nathaniel Ansah, the final list will be published at the eight designated branches of GCB Bank.

He also stated that the final list contains not less than ten thousand people who can go and claim their investments.

“…. It has finally come to an end with the final list that is to be released tomorrow, per the information I gathered from PWC, the final list has about ten thousand creditors, specifically the people who have not had their names on any of the previous lists,” he said.