Growth is a necessary part of everyone’s lives. We all tend to grow a little every time we experience something different in our lives. Not only do we grow physically, but mentally we begin to retrospect a lot of emotions and feelings, required to survive. In a world that constantly grows, one can hardly leave themselves behind. Having people around who motivate and constantly push you towards your goals are the ones who make living your life worthwhile.

It can be our partner, friends, family, colleagues or anyone. A person who helps you grow as an individual is indeed to be treasured all life.

In relationships, people often overlook the necessity of growth. Love isn’t all there is. Along with support and understanding, you both should be able to grow as an individual with each other’s support. When you gain interest in someone and share romantic feelings with them, you would want to support their goals and ambitions, help them in being a better person. A healthy relationship includes both partners in being equally responsive about their actions. Giving their 100% into the relationship is what matters. A toxic partner who doesn’t appreciate or applaud personal growth is no good.

Those who would fit in comfortably into your normal life is feasible but imagine being in the same spot for years, without experiencing any change whatsoever. Those who don’t encourage change will only be setting a path for normalcy, and not any greatness.

As a couple, it is important to experience all aspects of life. Your partner should be able to support you if you decide to go for a long-distance relationship in order to work in the job of your dreams. Or they should appreciate you if you’ve decided to take a completely different path, not familiar to those around you. If you share the same sentiments of support with your partner, then your relationship can be fruitful.

Initiating personal growth is scientifically proven to go against all odds.

Couples should be able to deal with each other. However, it is not possible to do so 24/7, but understanding that change is inevitable is the key to retaining a successful relationship. Habituating into the same old life, without any challenges or ideals is like leasing a life without any movements. Just like our bodies, our minds and feeling also transport in time and undergo changes in every step of the way. Your partner should accommodate the changes ad vice versa, and you both will find living a life full of understanding, support, loyalty and love.