The Ashanti Regional Police Commander, COP Nathan Kofi Boakye has asked the Electoral Commission not fuel tension in the region by delaying election materials on voting day.

Speaking at a meeting with District and Divisional Police Commanders in Kumasi on Friday, November, 25 COP Boakye said: “We are asking all stakeholders,especially the EC not to create any condition that will create tension. What are some of these conditions? Late arrival of electoral materials is something that can create tension. Sending the wrong electoral materials to a wrong polling station. EC officers giving conflicting and sometimes unnecessary command to the Policemen at the post…Then also during the process when the time is due for the polls to be closed, the right decisions must be taken together with the polling agents and the police as to when the line is to be curtailed.

However he said the efforts of the Police and the EC to securing a peaceful process will come to nought if the Political parties themselves do not act responsibly and restrain their followers in disturbances that will create chaos and tension on the day of elections.

He thus asked the Police to ensure they maintain law and order without fear or favour.

He added: “In this election, it will not only be your actions but your inactions are also going to be key in ensuring free, fair and impartial elections.”