This question became very popular in 2016 when President John Mahama wanted to know from Ghanaians why they were not praising him for fixing dumsor, after all that they did to him during the dumsor era.

As usual of the NPP, they turned the statement around and accused John Mahama of insulting Ghanaians of having short memory. Anytime they talked about something in the past, they will make reference to the fact that John Mahama says Ghanaians have short memory.

As soon as Milovan’s name came up as the new Black Star’s coach, people started talking about how bad Milovan will be for the Black Stars. They explained how expensive is it to hire a foreign coach. People referred to how he left the Black Stars in the middle of a tournament, how he couldn’t speak English and needed an interpretor. People perched his salary at $45,000 a month against the peanut being paid to CK Akonnor, the former coach.

Then bam, Milovan Rajevac, was introduced to Ghanaians as the new Black Stars coach. So far he has played against just one country, Zimbabwe, and won both matches. Suddenly, all the bad commentaries about him has turned to praises. Everybody is talking about how good Milovan is. We are not considering the fact that he has only played against just one country. So if President Mahama said some Ghanaians have short memory, isn’t he right?

When Akufo-Addo took over the Presidency of Ghana, one of his targets was to close down Radio Gold, Radio XYZ and other NDC affiliated radio stations. He has succeeded since 2017/18.

Then bam, I read on NDC platforms that the licenses from Radio Gold, Radio XYZ and over 130 other radio stations have been restored. Come and see wild jubilations on these NDC platforms. They seem to think that Nana Addo has done them the greatest favor by restoring the license. They have soon forgotten that since 2018, they have been without Radio Gold, Radio XYZ and over 130 other radio stations. If President Mahama says some Ghanaians have short memory, isn’t he right?

I am treating this topic because Nana Addo and the NPP know that Ghanaians have short memory and that is why they are running the country anyhow. They increase taxes, introduce new ones, increase the rate of corruption and crime, say anything to Ghanaians without thinking about it, treat Ghanaians like their lives don’t matter. They do all these in their first three years and then in the forth and elections year, they start running the country like human beings.

If NPP can have over 6 million votes in the 2020 elections despite all the Agyapa, PDS, Australia Visa fraud, cash for seats, all the procurement scandals, BOST scandals, fuel price increases, depreciation of the cedi, bad economy etc, then that should tell you some Ghanaians indeed, have short memory. If President Mahama said it, he is right.

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Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA