A controversial former Ghana HIV/AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, a former has revealed that although the public knowledge then was that she was carrying the disease, men approached her trying to sleep with her.

She made this known in an interview monitored by Ghanacelebrities.com with Andy Dosty of Hitz FM.

Mensah said the lot of men who approached her knew very well as did the public that she was positive. The former ambassador said she realised that sex was the number one mode of transmission for HIV and hence diverted her attention to that.

She however did not know that it was going to get her attracted to some men.

As it turned out, Mensah was actually not carrying the disease. Till date, it is still unclear how the Ghana Aids Commission enrolled her to join with other actual carriers to propagate the message of safety.

The issue blew up into a scandal with some saying the Commission was embezzling donor and government funds.

Mensah herself went on to be a rather an unpopular sight among many Ghanaians.

In defence of her time an ambassador, Mensah is quoted as saying: “I was given GHC 800 a month and I spent all on transportation because the Ghana AIDS Commission enshrined in the contract that transportation would be provided when the need arises, yet all I had was excuses whenever I wanted to do something.

She says she is now trying to put all of her troubles behind her and move on with her life.