The Founder and Head pastor of Life International Church, Bishop Gordon Kisseih,says it is too too early to criticise  President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government. In his view, the President is still in the process of forming his government and does not warrant such early criticism.

He said the President  had not yet made any major decisions concerning Ghana’s economy and, therefore, did not warrant public criticism.

Bishop Kisseih said this in an interview with the Daily Graphic after a ceremony at his church in Accra to consecrate new apostles and prophets.


Last Wednesday, the President nominated 50 deputies and four others to serve as Ministers of State at the presidency and the ministries, bringing his total number of ministers to 110, the highest in Ghana’s Fourth Republic.

The decision did not go down well with some Ghanaians who criticised the president, saying that the number of his team was too high and that it would further put pressure on the nation’s resources.


However, Bishop Kisseih was of the view that Ghanaians should rather give the President and his leadership a chance to deliver on their mandate.

He said instead of criticising the President, Ghanaians should use their brainpower to assist the government to move the nation forward.

According to him, the greatest weapon given mankind by God is the brain, and if Ghanaians could use that weapon to acquire knowledge, it would be of an enormous benefit to the country.

Bishop Kisseih also stressed the need for the leadership of the various churches to come up with ways to help the government address challenges facing Ghana’s growth.

Rampant suicide

One of the issues he mentioned was the rampant suicide among the youth, saying that although the church was doing its best to help address the “spirit of hopelessness” that had blinded most people, more could be done to help.

Bishop Kisseih, particularly, urged the media to reduce their reportage on negative news and move their focus to issues that would help develop the nation.

“The media has a large role to play in all this and we call on them to shift their attention to areas of development,” he added.

Touching on the consecration of the apostles and prophets, Bishop Kisseih said it was time some servants of God in the church received the elevation to perform their assignment efficiently.

In all 15 men and women of God, including, the wife of Bishop Kisseih, Rev. Esther Kisseih, were elevated to apostles and prophets.

source:Daily Graphic