Creating new regions as suggested by the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) will not be an easy task due to the required voter turnout in the referendum, Deputy Chair of the Electoral Commission (EC), Operations, Amadu Sulley, has said.

Mr Sulley anticipates a major challenge in the sense that the 69.2 percent voter turnout recorded during the 2016 general elections was rather low.

He explained that more than 50 per cent of the voting population are needed to turn up at the referendum, out of which over 80 per cent must vote their approval.

“If you want to go into that, there is the need for a referendum. Now it’s around 69.2, and if I look back on our elections, there was a time that we even recorded 29 per cent and 54 per cent… So let us think seriously about that. Voter turnout is key and civil society must help,” he noted at a Star Ghana and partners learning event on Election 2016 in Accra on Thursday, March 16.

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