President John Mahama has rubbished claims by his political opponents that the Electoral Commission (EC) is scheming to rig the upcoming presidential elections for him.

Some New Patriotic Party (NPP) executives, have on different platforms, claimed there’s a grand scheme to ensure President Mahama’s re-election. But the President at a rally in Funsi in the Wa East Constituency of the Upper West Region, rubbished those claims, describing them as absurd nonsense. “…If you notice, in the run up to the election, there has been a consistent criticism of the Electoral Commission.

Indeed they have said the most unspeakable things about the Chairman of the Electoral Commission and that is all preparing the minds of their supporters for when they lose so when they lose they can blame the Electoral Commission as not being neutral.”

“Some of them have gone to the extent of saying the Electoral Commission is preparing to rig the elections for John Mahama.
what absurd nonsense? Ghana’s Electoral system is one of the best in the world. Note my words, not in Africa , in the world because it has inherent instruments for guaranteeing its integrity.”

Stop harrasing EC Boss

This is not the first time the President has strongly defended the Electoral Commission and its Chairperson, Charlotte Osei. He did same in April this year [2016] when he called on political parties to stop harassing the Chairperson and rather cooperate with the Commission to purge the voters register.

“We have some political parties that have a tradition of haranguing and just harassing the commission and I think that must stop. Leave the commission in peace to do its work, it’s done it before, so let them do the work,” he charged.

His plea followed calls from pressure groups including the opposition NPP , for the Chairperson to implement reforms recommended by the Supreme Court.