The social media influencer posted impressive pictures to Instagram before going on vacation.

Eminem's 23 year old daughter Hailie Scott Mathers has uploaded a couple of pictures of herself sporting a powerful abs as she takes a "much needed vacation."
The social media influencer poses wearing only a revealing yellow bikini, but the impressive workout result is what really attracts the eye, suggesting there's a lot of sweat behind these shapes.

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Mathers has recently told her 1.4 million followers that she was in a desperate need of a vacation and that she is going "somewhere exotic." Judging by her other post captioned "aloha," the Instagram celebrity is likely heading to Hawaii. Apparently Mathers plans to put some tan over her hard-earned physique.

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i don’t think i’ll ever stop posting about this place #tbt

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Mathers, who graduated Michigan State University, reportedly seeks to forge a path on social media, promoting beauty products. According to a Daily Mirror report, her plan has so far proven successful, with a number of beauty brands associating themselves with Hailie.

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Got a ring light and decided to take some selfies?

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Hailie is the daughter of Marshal Mathers, better known as Eminiem, and his two-time estranged ex wife Kim. For years the hip hop star featured lyrics in several songs about his daughter, so she has been well known to his fans since she was a baby, Daily Mail report notes. The two reportedly maintain a "very close" relationship, but Hailie is said to seek success independently of her father's fame.Source: