Dr J. K. Amoako, Deputy Director of Radiation Protection Institute (RPI), Ghana Atomic Energy, has said there is the need to ensure regular and routine monitoring of cell sites to ensure public safety and confidence.

He said the Institute should consider organizing a Radiation Safety Training for technical staff, engineer and safety officers of mobile phone companies.

Dr Amoako was speaking at a day public education workshop on: 'Public Education on Electromagnetic Fields and Health,' organised by the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC) to correct certain misconceptions that radiation from the masts has led to the incidence of cancer in the vicinity.

He also suggested that the National Communication Authority (NCA) should set up a National Compliance testing Laboratory for mobile phone handsets.

He said all mobile phone companies, FM stations, TV stations and ISPs should ensure that they comply with provision of guidelines.

'Regulators should ensure strict enforcement of the approved guidelines to ensure compliance,' he said.

He said Ghana should continue with research with set of scientific world to research into potential long term effects of Radiation Frequency (RF) fields on human being.

He said current levels of RF Radiations in Ghana was much less than the recommended International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection level

Dr Amoako said with the increasing use of higher frequency for mobile telecommunication and other applications it has become necessary to intensity the monitoring exercise.

He cautioned mobile phone users to limit the number of hours they spent on the phone, adding that they could resort more to texting and use of hands free kits.

Mr Kobby Akyeampong, the head of GIFEC, said the agency would continue to engage public to educate and to ensure their safety through constant monitoring of facilities of telecommunication operators.

He said the GIFEC was on course with their educational agenda and they are yet to conduct a research on the impact on the activities.

Other officers from the NCA, Ghana Telecom Chamber (GTC) and the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) all stressed on the need for more education to disabuse the negative perception by the public on erection of telecom masts at residential areas.