Former Asante Kotoko and Ashanti Gold defender Eric Donkor has opened up about a shocking encounter with match-fixing during his playing days.

Speaking on Akoma FM, Donkor disclosed that he was approached to manipulate a match but staunchly refused to be involved in such illicit activities.

Donkor recounted the incident, revealing that he was solicited to influence a game involving a team in the relegation zone during his time with Kotoko.

“During my playing days, I recall being asked to personally fix a match, it involved a team that was in the relegation zone and was an away game for Kotoko but I declined it.

Based on the results I received, I’m sure they called a few other players as well. I told them I wasn’t ready, so I didn’t interact with them too much. I did that because I value my integrity so much and those who know me personally know that.”

Despite facing pressure to comply, he stood firm on his principles and declined the offer, prioritizing his integrity above all else.

The former defender expressed concern over the prevalence of match manipulation in the Ghana Premier League, highlighting the influence of betting companies in the sport.

“Come to think of it, betting companies are supporting league teams. Why should that be the case? Cooperation bodies want to make money from their sponsorships, so they will undoubtedly have an impact on these teams.”

“In our league, it’s common to hear about instances of physical assault involving specific players due to bribery-related issues. It happens in the Italian league, where players are paid millions of euros, imagine how much more in the GPL, where players make an average of less than GH¢600.” He concluded.

He questioned the ethics of league teams being sponsored by betting companies and warned of the adverse impact on the integrity of the game.

Donkor also shed light on the grim reality faced by players, citing instances of physical assaults linked to bribery-related issues.