In the eyes of the media they were sworn enemies as they disagreed on a lot of issues but Hon. Nii Lantey Vaderpuye says he had nothing personal against Kwasi Nyantakyi except they disagreed on issues.

According to the legislator, it is not out of place if persons form a free Nyantakyi movement to canvass for support for Nyantakyi to be freed from any legal tussle.

He says everyone deserves a second chance in this world and Kwasi Nyantakyi is no exception.

Kwasi Nyantakyi was ousted from his seat as GFA President after being captured on tape taking monies in an investigative piece by Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

The former CAF vice President currently faces a life time ban from world football governing body FIFA

“If people are yearning for free Nyantakyi movement I don’t think there is anything wrong. In this world, I think everybody should be given a second chance. Even God who created us forgives us our sins and offers us a second chance. Even murderers are given the chance in prisons to reform provided they are not killed,” he told Asampa FM in an interview.

Nii Lante who was noted for his hostile relationship with the GFA president during his time as Sports Minister said he had nothing against the former Ghana FA boss, just that they didn't agree on certain issues.

“I don’t have anything against Nyatakyi as a person, he is my friend and I don’t believe he also has personal thing against me. We only did not agree on the paths to do certain things. It means that as human beings our path can cross at any time. He believed this is the way we have been doing things whiles I thought this is how we have to do it, and that should not bring a problem between us,” Mr. Vanderpuye said.