1/11Expectations vs. reality

Expectations vs. reality

We all have some insecurities or the other at different stages of life. Be it in a relationship or marriage, the pressure to strike the right work-life balance or looking after the needs of the children or spouse can be very daunting for some. When I got married, I had a feeling that I was not good enough for my husband and that feeling only grew worse with time.

2/11Our marriage

Our marriage

We had an arranged marriage and I hardly got an opportunity to know my husband or his family before marriage. The fact that he is well-educated and from an affluent family was enough to assure my parents that we would have a happy life together. But my married life was far from perfection.

3/11Our background

Our background

Like any other girl from a middle-class family in India, my parents taught me to value education over money and I had just started my promising career in the advertising industry before my marriage. My husband, who is seven years older than me, has already made a name for himself as a young entrepreneur. He is a software engineer and has a start-up, which is really doing well. And thanks to his parents, who are very affluent and runs a successful family business, money has never been a problem for him. They wanted a girl who would help him in his business and be a good wife at home.

4/11The initial months

The initial months

It took me a while to adjust to their lifestyle. And every time I faltered, I had this feeling that I am being scrutinized by all. I was frequently reminded that my ways of handling things were not appropriate and I should behave like the daughter-in-law of the house.

5/11How I was criticised for my dressing sense

How I was criticised for my dressing sense

Being a working woman, I hardly paid attention to what I wore and only chose apparels I thought was fit for the occasion. One day my sister-in-law very politely told me that she wants to take me on a shopping spree. I had no idea that she wanted to change my entire look. I was coaxed to by branded dresses and apparels and when I resisted she said, “Trust me, you will thank me later. I am just introducing you to the ways the women of our house dress.” It was a polite way to say that my clothes were not good enough for them.

Source: indiatimes.com