The National Executive Committee(NEC) of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) is asking Member of Parliament for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak to explain why he should not be sanctioned for breaking ranks with the party on the upcoming referendum on local level elections.

The party last week issued a three-line whip asking its members and the Minority in Parliament to reject a YES vote.

However, Ras Mubarak in an unprecedented stance described the party’s position as weak and unconvincing and vowed to vote YES.

I’m unconvinced about the reason to take a NO vote, I think that the argument for the NO vote is weak, I think it is unconvincing and I think it is inconvenient. For that reason, I’m in support of a YES vote and I’ll be canvassing for a YES vote. In the national interest and in good conscience I cannot support any NO vote. The party expects all its members to tow the line, but as I’ve indicated I’m unconvinced.”

But, Ras Mubarak in less than 24 hours has made a U-turn from his endorsement of a YES vote.

Mr. Mubarak has since issued a statement to beat a retreat.

“Upon a sober reflection and advice from very distinguished senior party members, especially the Parliamentary leadership, I have come to the conclusion that It is improper to deviate from my party’s official position for a NO vote in the upcoming referendum on article 55(3) of the constitution.

“I recognize that my personal position must be subsumed under the broader interest of the party.

“I have therefore decided to uphold the party’s position for a NO vote on the matter,” Mubarak said in a letter.

But the NDC says the retraction is not enough.

The Deputy Secretary of the NDC, Peter Boamah Otukonor in an interview with Joy News stated that the party is not happy with Ras Mubarak.

“We have requested that he explains why we shouldn’t take any disciplinary action against him. The party people are very angry because where we are, discipline is everything ad solidarity is everything. If you do not understand the principles and philosophies of the party then obviously you have no business being in the party.”