One of the countries where online games are becoming more popular than ever is Ghana. In fact, during 2023 the projected revenue for the video games industry in Ghana will reach approximately $121.80 million. While the market is expected to grow by 8.74% every year into 2028.

But what online games are people in Ghana playing? Read on as we spotlight the top 10 being played right now.

League of Legend

This multiplayer online battle arena has gone from strength to strength since its release back in 2009. Considered one of the greatest games ever made, League of Legends (also known as fans by “League”) has even produced its own spin-offs as a result of its success, and also now can claim the title of world’s largest esport, with an annual championship held every single year.

Local tournaments and leagues can be found in Ghana, with gamers in the area connecting to play their favourite game.


FIFA by EA Sports is another game that Ghanians love to play, largely due to the popularity of football as a sport in the country. In fact, there are many professional football players that call Ghana home, including the likes of Tony Yeboah and Jordan Ayew.

FIFA brings the pitch to life and allows players to compete with people from all over the world in its immersive gameplay. Like League of Legends, local tournaments and competitions are organised around the game, bringing people together in real life to enjoy it.

Online Casino Games

While there are land-based casinos in Ghana, many players in the country are choosing to go online to play their favourite casino games. Online casinos offer everything from blackjack and poker, to slots including the famous starburst slot and so many more.

As online casinos are regulated, people can enjoy the sites with peace of mind, knowing that their personal details are kept safe and that they're playing responsibly.

 Mario Kart Tour

For a relatively new game with a retro feel, you need to try out Mario Kart Tour. This 2019 kart racing mobile game has fans everywhere, and takes inspiration from the N64 original. Unlike the original game, the objective of Mario Kart Tour is not to reach the finish line first, but instead the win is based on a points-based system.

 Running Pet: Dec Rooms

Another endless runner game, Running Pet: Dec Rooms already has more than 10M downloads on the app store. Join Sunny Cat and his friends and help them collect gold times to help them build and decorate their dream home!

Call of Duty

While Call of Duty remains popular on the console, lots of players in Ghana are choosing to have their fun on the go with Call of Duty Mobile. Playing either in the Battle Royale or Multiplayer Maps, this Activision classic remains a top favourite of people around the world.

Killer Bean Unleashed

Killer Bean Unleashed from Killer Bean Studios is a shooter video game with an old school feel and excellent graphics. This mobile game includes everything from Dungeon Boss fights and takedowns over 29 levels. The ability to unlock super weapons and bonus weapons make this game that much more engaging, and the developers continue to add updates to keep players entertained.

Hunger Assassin

Another game that’s gaining traction in Ghana? Hunter Assassin. This online game sees you hunting down enemies, collecting rewards and completing missions.

It’s easy to play and based on its ratings, lots of fun to play.

Temple Run 2

The endless runner game known as Temple Run 2 continues to be downloaded by players around the world, including Ghana. Similar to the original Temple Run, the gameplay in this version introduces new obstacles and power ups.

Even though this game was released way back in 2013, it remains one of the best, with people across the country and around the world downloading it and playing the game every single day.

Mortal Kombat

People in Ghana and beyond can enjoy the classic fighting action of Mortal Kombat on their mobile phone and tablets.

This game, released in 2015 by NetherRealm Studios is part of the Mortal Kombat series and is perfect for older fans who remember playing it in their youth, as well as new generations who enjoy the gameplay.