A secret meeting by a group working for the presidential ambition of Trade Minister, Alan Kyeremanteng has been leaked by at least two of the participants of the meeting.

The meeting was held yesterday, Wednesday October 27th 2021 in Kumasi at the residence of a former Kwadaso MP, and convenors included the former Kwadaso MP himself, a former General Secretary of the NPP and a former MP for Madina, who is also a former Minister.

Invitees to the meeting included
former assembly members including as well as some constituency executives, former Ash. Regional Ag. Organiser and other assembly members.

The main agenda of the meeting was on how to neutralise the threat and popularity of the obvious favourite for the next NPP Presidential primaries, Vice President Bawumia, in the Ashanti Region.

To achieve this, a wide-range of strategies were discussed which included how to sponsor people in the upcoming polling station and constituency elections of the NPP by way of getting at least 3 out of 5 in every polling station.

The meeting also discussed how to use some local radio stations and assembly members to sell Alan Kyeremanteng to market women in order to create a NO Alan NO VOTE mantra in the Ashanhi Region.

The meeting also discussed how to tell delegates that any Ashanti man supporting Vice President Bawumia is doing so for his own Vice-presidential ambition. In this regard, the Majority Leader Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu and Energy Minister, Mathew Opoku Prempeh, popularly known as NAPO were singled out to suffer this labeling and attack.

Attack on Veep

The meeting also discussed how to concentrate on the person of the Vice President and attack his membership of the New Patriotic Party.

On this, a plan was hatched to constantly focus on how the Vice President obtained his membership card issued to him by Nana Ohene Ntow.

They were also to point out to delegates why Bawumia could not obtain membership card when NPP appointed him as governor at BOG except when he was nominated as a running mate.

The meeting also discussed how to embark on tribal propaganda by labeling the Vice President as one who gives all top political positions in the north to only Mamprusis. Despite a dissenting view on this strategy due to fact that the facts don't support this propaganda, hardliners from the Alan camp in the meeting insisted that this strategy should be adopted.

Also, a former MP in the meeting, spoke of some they should get some MPs who lost their seat to spread propaganda that Bawumia engineered their defeat, including he the former MP.

Other strategy discussed included drumming home the point tmrought Ashanti Region that majority of Alan Boys who are true indigenes of Ashanti were not given opportunity in Ashanti Region including MMDCE's positions, and that those positions were rather given to settlers. The meeting believed this story line will make many people angry.

To achieve all these, specific people, including MMDCE aspirantswho lost out (and some who made it), and radio presenters, were to be used as vehicles to spread this to sell the message.

Finally the meeting also decided that the legacy of Bawumia’s father in Ghanaian politics should be attacked as one who betrayed the party.

This line of action on Bawumia’s father, is said to have been considered because the Alan Camp was not happy by the depth of the tribute both the Asantehene and the President paid to role of Bawumia’s father in Ghanaian politics, as well as the formation of the Northern People’s Party, which was an integral part of the NPP's founding tradition.