While we regularly read news about big-fat Indian wedding where the invitation cards costs lakhs and multiple receptions are held across the world, we barely get to know about progressive weddings where the parents and the couples break the stereotype. But not anymore. A Bengali wedding has set an example in so many ways. In a post, shared by Asmita Ghosh on Twitter, she wrote about a ‘progressive wedding’ where the priests were women and the father refused to do

Great step. Has been happening in Maharashtra for long though. I have personally witnessed many. https://t.co/fuU6zneK7U— Yashwant Deshmukh (@YRDeshmukh) 1549347658000

“I'm at a wedding with female pandits. They introduce the bride as the daughter of and (mom first!!!). The bride's dad gave a speech saying he wasn't doing kanyadaan because his daughter wasn't property to give away. I'm so impressed,” shared Asmita on Twitter.

In Hindu weddings, a bride is introduced by her family lineage of her father. And the father has to perform
kanyadaan (giving away the daughter), which is considered a pious act and most fathers take pride in doing it. However, the wedding Asmita attended broke the stereotype. Don’t we want more such weddings?

Source: indiatimes.com