...so God actually blessed the marriage?

Marriage as known is a divine union between a man and a woman. Among all institutions of the earth marriage is the first set by the supreme being. Although each has his or her own definition of marriage to suit him or her. 

Like we were taught, God created man in his own image and from the ribs of that man he moulded that special woman. Obviously it means marriage can exist between only a MAN and a WOMAN. This we all know but where from the union between man-man and woman-woman? Have we not learnt from the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah?  If really God had made for Adam another "Adam" as his companion then He wouldn't have achieved His purpose of making man(worship).

The first couple were ordered to multiply and fill the earth. Why won't you want to also heed to that order, marry your opposite sex, reproduce and have God's favour? I thank God Adam had a good taste by choosing to marry soft-skinned Eve. If not there wouldn't have been you and I.

Human rights. I wouldn't say I'm disappointed to bring that on board. What I want to ask is " are you absolutely sure you prefer being in diapers like a toddler to putting on and changing underwear of your choice?  Your right is still yours anyway.

What about the mutton, beef, chicken and among others which you enjoy? Wouldn't Noah and his progeny have finished it all ? Of course yes!  At the time of the world's destruction with the great storm, the dear old carpenter was asked to take in pairs of animals of different kinds - male and female! Why such an order? Procreation after the sins of the earth has been cleansed.

Kw3 like Noah and his family would have ripped us of tooth picking because they would eat all the animals.

If the animals were of the same sex, there wouldn't have been any now or perhaps we all turn into vegetarians. Any union between man and man or woman and woman ceases to be marriage but what Tim Quarshigah, my Feature Writing lecturer, terms as "warriage"  because the man-wife cannot conceive nor the woman-husband impregnate.  It is war because it's a struggle between  the member of one man and the anus of his fellow. And struggle between a woman's womanhood and another woman's... only God knows what!

By: Kandey Alhassan/@ghanaguardian.com