Welcome to Africa where leaders blame each other for causing economic crisis or leaving behind a weak economy. Barely three weeks after he took over the administration of this nation, President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo has blamed his predecessor and his administration for leaving a weakened economy which poses a lot of challenges to his administration.

The President revealed a grim picture of the country's economy saying it is in deeper crisis than they thought.

The President said he is confident of leading a total transformation of the  country with his government in spite of the challenges.

Addressing the journalists at the Flagstaff House, he said "We inherited an economy in poor shape. From what I am hearing and the evidence that is coming to me that it is even in a poorer shape than we anticipated"

"I'm a firm believer and a statesman that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. This is the time that we have to show leadership and commitment to our nation, I continue to be an unrepentant optimist of the opportunities and prospects of Ghana. We are a special people with a special destiny and I am going to do everything within my bones to make that destiny is realised in the years ahead of us" he added.

Instead of finding solutions to our economic problems they are rather blaming each other.

So what is the use of a manifesto?

Don't they claim they have the solution to the problems in this device?

This is the time we show maturity in governance. After fifty-nine years of independence we are still undeveloped.

I now believe in what our ancestors used to say that "many are called but few are chosen."

It is a shame that many countries in other parts of the world are developed and we are still where we are.

I believe that if our leaders follow the policies and strategies written in the various manifestos Ghana will be a better place.

This economy is also weak because new governments do not complete the projects of its opponents because 'praise' will be attributed to it.

They say great minds think alike and when they collide its bound to be a deadly collision.

This literally means when we come together as a nation there will be an improved economy.

By Lennox Dexter Mensah