I have read a lot about the process of handing over from the NC to a new leadership and read about a list of individuals who have expressed interest in the top post available.

My only wish is that at this stage we need a leader who has a strategic vision acceptable to all and not those who  are only interested  in telling the delegates who they are in football.

Much as that my be important i wished all those standing could present to the delegates may as one of the criteria for eligibility and voting at least a not more than 20 page paper on their STRATAGIC VISION for the next 3 yrs or so if voted.

1. This paper must cover at least the ff areas;

2. Infrastructural  development of ghana football

3. The structure of the current gfa including the criteria and caliber of personnel to manned the key structure and nexus between the various leagues the developmental stage of the game and women football.

4. Technology  investment or systems in the gfa aimed at inproving both its efficiency and effectiveness.

5. What will be his style of management ?

6. The setting up of a strong technical directorate for the gfa

7. Policy on appointment of coaches and other technical back up for the natiional team and call up to national team.

8. The comminication strategy of the FA

9. Sponsorship policy for the national teams and even to assist  the clubs exp concept of sports fund etc

I think we need a more strategically focused leader and who must have some blue print we can use to assess not only his appointment and  his re election the next time.

You cannot be an FA chairman in north africa and south africa without presenting a blue print to the delegates.

By Ernest Thompson