I have seen a video of Mr. Fred Oware, who some refer to as the campaign Manager for Dr. Alhaji Bawumia. In this video recording, the respected member of the NPP threw caution to the wind to make pronouncements which will not be made by the lowest of characters even from an opposition party.

Mr Fred Oware is a member of the NPP, he served as the party's first National Vice Chairman until 2013. He is known to be the Chief of Staff at the Vice President's Secretariat, an entrepreneur and once the owner of Choice FM.

One would ordinarily expect nobility from Mr. Oware, looking at the height he has attained in the party and the privileges he has enjoyed perhaps by virtue of his own hardwork and the sweat of ordinary party footsoldiers.

However he stooped too low to insult opponents to the Vice President who are older than him and who have shown intentions lead the NPP as Flagbearer. His insults and insinuations even suggested that the persons could be dead in two days. Well the two days has already elapsed since this unfortunate statement was made during the National Executive Elections of the party held on Saturday July 16, 2022 at the Accra Sports Stadium; thankfully our dear party has not lost any leading member who is aspiring to become president.

To think that MR. Fred Oware a Septuagenarian born in March, 1952 making him older than some of
the known aspiring candidates could think that a candidate younger than himself had two days to live whiles he Mr. Oware continues to breathe and live is rather unfortunate.

Again when facts were made clear to him that Alhaji Bawumia was given the biggest favor in NPP when he was made running mate even though he was not a party member, he intimated proverbially that “elders are there and yet a child can be made chief”, insinuating that long service and dedication to the party is irrelevant.

But our tradition and culture as we know it will not bypass and elder to favor a child. When a stool is declared vacant, elders are considered first, before children, children are considered only when there is no qualified adult for a stool, or the adult appeals to the elders to choose another because of religious beliefs or other issues, Children are traditionally not chosen above elders.

Even though it is tempting to give Mr. Oware a befitting response, we will rather focus all our energy in helping the government to fix Ghana's economic challenges rather than fight among ourselves as one party.

We are one people, one party with a common agenda to develop Ghana. I urge all party members both young and old to be committed to helping our government and sharing the good works of the NPP party for Ghana to know. There is no reward in fighting ourselves, but with unity lies the strength to Break the eight (8).

When the time is due for a Flagbearer to be elected, the party grassroot know whose time it is, they also know who has character and credibility, one that can win us the next presidential elections; and will vote him to lead the NPP to victory and break the 8. We need one another to be united for victory so we shouldn't malign ourselves.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.

Braimah Fuseini
New Patriotic Party