At the outset, the government must be commended for extending the deadline for the SIM registration to 30th September, 2022. This is a mark of a listening and empathetic government determined to promote inclusive development and growth, through and through.

The master stroke in all this is the introduction of the SIM Registration App which will be available for download on both android and IOS this week barring any unforeseen circumstances. The Minister of Communication, Hon. Ursula Owusu intimated that each registration via the app will be subjected to a 5 cedi surcharge. It’s obvious that the cost of registering via the App is far cheaper than boarding a taxi or Trotro to a registration center. The App also brings convenience, comfort and time savings to Ghanaians for which it must be embraced wholeheartedly.

I will encourage Ghanaians to take advantage of the the deadline extension and the introduction of the App to register their SIM. It’s normal to have non-conformists, pessimists and anti-development agents within a big population like Ghana with the sole aim of fighting to compromise development. Such unpatriotic persons act on the premise of varied. However, Ghanaians shouldn’t not be hoodwinked by their false pronouncements and misinformation.

Let me hasten to add that the NIA outfit should scale up their delivery mechanism in order to serve Ghanaians in need of the Ghana card for varied purposes including SIM registration on time.

It’s in the interest of every Ghanaian to obtain a Ghana card and use same to register their SIM. The SIM card registration exercise would be of utmost help to the citizenry as government strives to fight crime, develop the telecommunications space and promote e-business.

The SIM registration would contribute to national security. Every single SIM operational in the system with unique user who can be identified easily would help the government keep track of illegal immigrants, criminals, and individuals who might pose a risk to Ghana.

Furthermore, the SIM registration would prevent identity theft and fraud. No one can use another person’s SIM to commit any form of crime including mobile money fraud.

Nonetheless, the SIM registration would promote law enforcement goals by making it easier for police to determine the identity of individuals and criminal suspects.

Ghana has made giant strides in eliminating the issue of multiplicity of identity card which has been a concern to many for decades.

The Ghana Card Data Harmonisation and Integrations program has so far enabled the integration of data between NIA and the following institutions:

National Health Insurance Authority

Social Security and National Insurance Trust

Ghana Revenue Authority

Student Loans Trust Fund

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority

The Bank of Ghana

Telecommunication Companies (Airteltigo, MTN, Vodafone and GLO)

Twenty-three (23) universal banks have been successfully connected to the Verification System Platform.

Let me reiterate the call on Ghanaians to as a matter of urgency, acquire their Ghana card and register their SIM before the 30th September deadline.

Thank you.

Evans Osei Yeboah TSOOBOI
ER Communications Director