With demand for skills software engineers at an all-time-high, many Ghana development firms are starting to offer technical skills training programs. With over 20,000 skilled programmers, Ghana currently ranks number seven in terms of African software development countries. The nation offers swift access to the African tech ecosystem, along with a rapidly growing business climate. As a software developer yourself, you should prioritize different employers that offer digital skills training in cyber security, artificial intelligence (AI), and programming fundamentals. This way, you can find a rewarding, lucrative, and high-paying career in 2022. Read on to learn about the Ghana development firms starting technical skills training for programmers.

Source Code Management (SCM)

First and foremost, source code management (SCM) training programs have become widely offered by Ghana’s top software employers. SCM is the process of tracking updates, revisions, and modifications committed to the source code. It involves keeping a running documentation and history of all changes made to the central codebase. Working in development, design, or testing positions, SCM skills will be absolutely vital. After all, it helps teams keep clean, up-to-date, and error free code. Additionally, this will simplify the conflict resolution process – especially when merging multiple code sources. Certainly, SCM is a top skill training program offered at Ghana development agencies.

Kubernetes Management

In addition, many Ghana development companies will teach their employees Kubernetes management skills. Today’s programming teams need a secure way to install, deploy, upgrade, and store complex Kubernetes applications. Most of the time, they use dependable Helm development tools to properly create, package, configure, and distribute Kubernetes clusters. You can use a powerful Helm repository in JFrog for fine-grained access control, enterprise-ready repository management, and massively scalable storage. With this functionality, you can take advantage of full automation through JFrog CLI and REST API. Surely, Kubernetes management training programs are widely available at the top Ghana software development companies.

Information Technology (IT) Automation

The best Ghana software employers also offer IT automation workshops, training seminars, and professional development programs. Information technology automation is all about streamlining different IT processes, operations, and workflows. This is one of the most highly sought after skills in the software field nowadays. After all, it helps tech companies replace paper processes, minimize overhead expenses, and eliminate employee error. Plus, these processes improve reliability and simplify complex decision making. Once IT automation skills are obtained, you can expect a salary increase of nearly $20,000. Indeed, IT automation is a popular skills training programs from Ghana software agencies.

QA Testing And Debugging

More, work for an employer that offers comprehensive quality assurance (QA) testing and debugging training. Quality assurance is all about inspecting codes, checking functionality, and analyzing performance prior to market release. These processes are absolutely vital to ensure clients and stakeholders always have a strong user experience (UX). Fundamentally, there are four core forms of testing – functional, integration, system, and non-functional testing. Even if you habitually cross-check your source code, some additional testing training is always necessary. Ultimately, this skills training helps you avoid catastrophic corporate emergencies, inspire user confidence, and prevent potentially costly errors. Absolutely, many talent-conscious employers have started offering QA training programs to attract the best candidates.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

You’ll also need to have object-oriented programming skills in your technical software development arsenal. Fortunately, many Ghana dev employers offer in-depth OOP workshops, seminars, and online sessions. The object-oriented development model is heavily-focused on developing software around data, objects, and architecture. This is unlike traditional development approach – which focus more on logic and functionality. With many companies making a switch to the OOP methodology, it is a great skillset to posses. After all, this will help you work on more projects, earn more money, and build out your professional resume. Plus, it can help you gain a superior understanding of different software attributes, performance, quality, and behavior. Definitely, OOP skills are a great training program to explore during your software career.

Several development firms in Ghana are starting to launch effective, professionally-geared technical skills training programs. First off, consider working with an employer that offers technical SCM training, workshops, and seminars. These are one of the best management practices for pilot projects. In addition, many employers have started offering training with Kubernetes management tools and technologies.  Also, look for companies that will train you in information technology (IT) automation. More, an employer can hire you for testing and debugging. You should also prioritize employers that offer OOP learning programs. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the Ghana development firms starting technical skills training for programmers.