The going has not been easy as it happens in a growing, emerging and evolving democracy.

On the path of emancipation and growth, lonely did we not embark but on the rough and smooth sails many have made significant advancement but where are we???.

What can we boast of on the journey we joyfully screamed, giggled in ecstacy of forgetting the agony we surpassed.

Many lost their lives for high hopes they had should we emerge victorious in our quest to be free but in the hereafter, there is no laughter I guess.

After 57 years of a republic, we have moved from one crisis to the other but at the end of the day who suffers, the poor and vulnerable in society who cannot afford a meal a day.

Below are the factors setting us aback; 1. “Confucius Theory”
” We have awakened. We are not asleep anymore. Today from now, there is a new African in the world” Kwame Nkrumah.

The Confucius theory is the theory of Chinese origin but let’s translate it in our current ordeals.

The crisis and despondency of this country is as a result of a confused system and structures not well defined nor spelt-out.

The covetous nature of our citizenry is missing out due to our overly and extreme politicization on issue of national interest.

Ghana lacks a national and developmental agenda but how then do we put our country on the pedestal. Our country is in shambles, how do we build an accelerated economic growth and development coupled with the dastardly lynching and vigilantism.

We must be proactive into accepting that the world is no longer driven by linear change but an exponential change that increasingly attack countries less planned and hit them with recession.

Ghana is indeed missing out and of all the aids what can we boast of, create, loot and share syndrome do we wallow in.

Politicians have crafted a reliable tool to defeat our sense of reasoning which they have soften and won.

2. Growing Youth Unemployment.
We are one of the richest countries in the world but where lies our wealth to turn things around.

What do you expect when a fool sit on treasures, permit me to refer to the third arm of the PNC 2016 manifesto slogan “New force” and it outlines party’s desire to target and empower the youth and constitute them into a socio-economic force to drive change and economic transformation. This idea is based on the fact that the youthful population of the country has so much potential and resourcefulness which have been left untapped and it’s seriously holding back our development. This force can be catastrophic in it’s current state toppled with former President Kuffour’s assertion of addressing youth unemployment because we are sitting on a time bomb.

A scintillating piece of a party that won’t win power anytime soon because they are also fraught with leadership challenges.

As a country, we have often borrowed to consume than to create wealth and businesses to address the challenges of our young population.

I am always saddened to hear our leaders resort to us to take advantage of emerging opportunities which is literally so because the public space cannot absorb us all but that cannot be done without the implementation of strategic modules to integrate the youth.

Ghana is missing out on the fishing effect of always giving us food from the bait which cannot sustain the growing population but in actual fact we must be placed on a fishing expedition of how to hunt for fish, process, market and sell the fish for future upkeep and generational employment opportunities for others.

I sense a revolution if the growing impasse of unemployment is not addressed.

The youth of Ghana are now engaging in obscure vices of prostitution, armed robbery, and cyber fraud to get a daily meal. We have drifted from our values as a people.

3. Corruption
Corruption is a canker that has ripped and raped many beautiful dreams of young Ghanaians but we praise, celebrate and eulogize corrupt practices especially by the political class. It is only politicians that pick grapes from thistles.

Corruption in Ghana is like a solid dirt on the cloth of a mad man that eats, bite and attack the already shrinked skin.

According to the auditor general, 3 billion dollars is lost annually to corruption.

Politicians abuse the procurement authority to benefit their party treasury at the expense of the poor and vulnerable in society. The famous Elvis Afriyie Ankrah Brazil saga, GYEEDA and the current Alfted Obeng contaminated fuel.

Politicians who are found to have embezzled state funds are made to refund without interest and in most of the cases no punitive sanctions are meted out to them to deter others from engaging in similar factions, it is indeed sickening.

The recent postulations by Alban Bagbin a revered law maker and the second deputy speaker of parliament suggest to me we have lost our moral fibre in the fight against corruption.

I never believed in the outgone administration in the fight against corruption neither do I believe in the current administration because it suggest to me they are in a coalition coarse to dupe this country. How do I believe in an administration that has mortgaged our untapped resources for a chicken chinese loan at the expense of the suffering and future generations to implement political party manifesto promises coupled with huge ministers and ministries in our economic turbulence.

4. Poor Structures.
It is time to restore our lost national dignity.
It is risible how we have lost hope and direction in our confused structures laid-down.

Ghana can boast of one of the best human resource base but of what benefit have we gained. We are not discipline as a country because everything is done haphazardly.

I read with disdain the scandal that rocked the tepa nursing training school. The scandal shows our poor supervisory role in the public space, no punitive sanctions are professed on offenders all because they are our political aparachiks, favoritism and nepotism.

The very organs of government meant to protect us have veered in the villain acts;

a. The legislature is supreme in matters of law but they are contemptuous of the very laws they have made. The famous P.C. Appiah Ofori vodafone $5000 deal, Martin Amidu who has on countless of occasions chastise the very house who made him who he is today on the basis of corruption. Alban Bagbin a revered law maker who has always undermined the integrity of parliament, I doubt if they have any.

b. The famous aponkye nkakra corrupt ridden judiciary that have thrown rheir integrity to the dogs through the infamous Anas expose, judges traded justice for money, goat and other little personal belongings.

c. The unshakable executive that has already collapsed it’s foundation by abusing the procurement authority, GYEEDA rings a bell, the exercise of unhealthy judicial powers, GITMO 2 rings a bell with it’s poor judicial interpretation led by Justice Sophia Akuffo to make an illegality legal. All are done to benefit their political purse.

We must make an introspection in our 57 years as a republic and our going after 60 years of independence.

Robert Dambo