Ghanaian journalists among 33 African journalists and information officers to participate in a two-week seminar in China.

Beatrice Asamani Savage, a journalist with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said China had played the role of a "faithful husband who had provided for his wife (Ghana or Africa),"  even in his needs, and improved the quality of life for his wife and children.

"We heed the clarion call to share the story of the Chinese renaissance. A vision that will no doubt rekindle the African renaissance",said Asamani, who was the leader of the Ghanaian team.

The seminar which is sponsored by the Chinese Government began on August 2, includes journalists from 13 English speaking African countries.

The participants are drawn from other African countries including Liberia, Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan, Malawi, Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Seychelles, Zambia, Uganda and Rwanda.

Speaking at the start of the seminar, the Vice President of China International Publishing Group (CIPG) Mr. Wang Gangyi asserted that China-Africa relationship remains the most fruitful relationship globally, because it is built on mutual respect and cooperation.

Wang, who has been a journalist since 1981, pointed out that through togetherness, China and Africa would have influence to make positive changes in global governance.

“China and Africa entered into the spotlight at the same time in world’s economy and politics, and so we share lots of things in common,” said the media expert.

According to him, China and Africa, at most times, are portrayed by western media as the environments that only represent diseases, natural disaster, conflicts and other negative characteristics, and as such, it is now time that the two stand together to change the negative perceptions.

As part of the Chinese cultural exchange and experience, participants have visited the China International Publishing Group (CIPG), the Great Wall and are expected to visit Wuhan City in Hubei Province, on Tuesday, August 9, 2016. They are also expected to visit other Chinese media houses and industries.

The China’s media approach is seen as the road-map for media empowerment and contribution to growth and development in Africa.

by: Farida Mohammed/