Ghanaian entrepreneur, TV and radio presenter Anita Erskine is the cover star of the latest issue of New African Woman magazine with the issue focusing on the empowerment of women.

The 39-year-old media personality who is the co host of one of the biggest Drive time show on radio, has hosted a number of Award winning shows  including The One Show, +233 Discovery; TV show featuring celebrities and inspirational stories.

The editor of NAW says:

Cover interview with the gorgeous Anita Erskine reveals someone I feel is a shooting star, full of zeal, vim and empowering wisdom. A must read. Anita, who is about 25 years younger than me, totally grabbed my attention when I asked her about her political ambitions as a rising household name in Ghana. She answered passionately and unscripted:

“It is the politics of life that excite me. Politics that fight for girls’ education. The politics that remove any hindrances that hold women back from rising to the highest positions on the corporate ladder… The politics that give people hope to achieve by making it possible for them to execute their passions. The politics that inspire the next generation by helping them develop their talents as a gateway to becoming great leaders of tomorrow. That is the kind of politics that exhilarates me.”

This edition also carries stories of women in fields that we don’t normally read about – we have an environmentalist whose work has for a while now, helped vulnerable Somali women, an Ethiopian conservationist who implores us to value, and go back to nature and one of Africa’s leading “queen” in the still fledgling African insurance industry . Our regular fashion, hair and beauty pages are teeming with what we know you love NAW for – guiding, rather than imposing beauty or fashion trends on you. But may I also draw your attention to our terse yet to the point article highlighting the dangers in that beauty bottle – that you may not know about. Beware!

See more photos from the magazine below.

Photo Credit: Bellanaija