Not only is football in Europe developing, but African football is also growing stronger and producing outstanding talented players. They are the special interest of famous football clubs thanks to their superior skills and excellent playing ability. The most prominent is Ghana, the country of true football lovers. If you are a sports lover, especially sports betting, you have certainly spent a lot of money placing bets on online football betting applications such as the Betway app to show your love for football and sports betting. fans for the players of this black continent. Ghanaian players today are paid on par with European players because they can bring a rain of goals into the opponent's net. So who are they?

Thomas Teye Partey

Ghanaian Players That Have Extremely High Salaries

Right before the summer 2020 window closed, Arsenal successfully signed midfielder Thomas Partey for 50 million euros. This deal is said to be a surprise because even after pushing Lucas Torreira to Atletico Madrid on loan, the "Gunners" still hesitated and had financial problems. 50 million Euro is too big a number, especially when it appeared right at the time when the tournaments had to be suspended. Arsenal played beautifully, earning enough money to activate the release clause of Thomas Partey's contract.

Partey has a knack for playing box-to-box midfielders. In the past tournaments, he has been an irreplaceable pillar in coach Diego Simone's squad. With his impressive defensive ability and comprehensive technique, the 27-year-old player is Atletico's main "engine". Thomas Partey's ability to integrate into the Premier League environment is also very expected. It is estimated that he earns 13 million pounds a year.

Jordan Ayew

Ayew started his career in 2010 with three stunning goals beating the Swaziland goalkeeper at the Somhlolo National Stadium. In 2012, he continued to make his name when he scored a beautiful goal in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers, his name was famous in Ghana at that time. He is an expensive player and receives special attention from big teams. It is estimated he earns £5000 a day.

Jeffrey Schlupp

Jeffrey Schlupp

He is widely known as a classy and talented striker who is currently playing for Crystal Palace as a defender. As one of the few typical talented strikers of Ghana. Being an outstanding warrior is indispensable in the starting lineup of this Palace.

Possessing a balanced height with good physical strength, and playing skills, he is more than capable. On the field he is like a monster blocking the opponent's difficult ball, keeping the goal clean is something he has done very well in many matches. Despite his age, he is still trusted and expected in many matches. It is estimated that he earns close to £3 million a year.

Christian Atsu

He started his career at the Portuguese club, FC Porto. In 2013 he moved to Chelsea for a transfer fee of £3.5 million and was loaned to Vitesse, Everton, Bournemouth, Málaga, and Newcastle United respectively. In May 2017, he officially became a Newcastle United player after winning the Championship and being promoted to the Premier League with this team.

Atsu has been playing for Ghana since 2012 and has participated in the 2014 World Cup and two Africa Cup of Nations. At the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations, he became the tournament's best player and helped Ghana to the runner-up. It is estimated he earns close to £5000 a day thanks to his superb skills on the pitch.

They are the pride of the black continent in particular and the world in general, in the future, they will bring even more top-notch performances on the pitch.