Popular Ghanaian TikToker, Kwaku Manakan, has detailed how he used to transport cocaine between Ghana and Italy for some big men.

The TikToker, who lived in Italy, specifically Palermo, in an interview with Zion Felix narrated how he was jailed in the country for three years.

Kwaku Manakan lived in Italy for 17 years and was jailed for peddling or transporting cocaine.

The TikToker, in his bid to show social media users the struggles Ghanaians living abroad go through daily, stated that he was transporting cocaine for £6000 a trip.

“Things were hard for me so I decided to peddle drugs. You transport cocaine for £6000 a trip. Just imagine the amount of money you can make on several trips within two weeks,” he said.

Manakan in a fit of anger also threatened to mention some big names he worked for who abandoned him after his arrest.

“These big men Know their people. I don’t want to mention names but I will if they dare me. These people betrayed me. Immediately you are arrested, they leave you to fend for yourself. You will never hear from them again. The only consolation will be that monies collected from your last errand become yours,” he narrated.

He also alleged that it is impossible to make it abroad within a year without getting involved in illegal things.

“Let me tell you, anybody who says they made it abroad within a year and through legal means is a liar because things are very tough. Your only means to make it big is through the peddling of drugs,” Makanan stated.

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