Vice President Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur has said no Ghanaian, including those living in Togo, will be prevented from voting on 7 December since nobody can intimidate them.

He said per the laws of Ghana, every Ghanaian, irrespective of his country of residence, has the right to vote and wondered why such people would be intimidated or prevented from voting.

He said the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), which is afraid of losing the elections, is planning to block such citizens of the land from exercising their civic rights.

He, however, warned that government would not allow such incident to happen and urged all Ghanaians living outside the country, especially in Togo, to come and vote.

Vice President Amissah-Arthur said this when he addressed a rally of the NDC at Hohoe in the Volta Region.

“I hear in the Volta Region you people are afraid [because] they say they will stop some people from voting. Nobody can stop any Ghanaian from voting. The same people who introduced the representation of the people’s amendment bill to bring people from America and Britain to come and vote, they say that if you are coming from Togo you can’t vote. If you are coming from Benin, you can’t vote, why? Because they are afraid of the Ghanaians who are living there who want to come and vote? We shall vote today, we shall vote tomorrow,” he told the gathering.

“I know many Ghanaians who live in America, in the UK, in Germany who have flown down to come and vote. I know Ghanaians who have come from Nigeria and Chad to come and vote. So, if you come by plane you are a Ghanaian, [but] if you come by road you are not a Ghanaian? Every Ghanaian can exercise his vote and we will allow every Ghanaian who has a vote, no matter where he lives, to come to Ghana and vote.”

He thanked the electorate in advance expressing confidence that they will vote for the President John Mahama and the NDC’s parliamentary candidate Dr Bernice Adiku-Heloo.

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